Notable Childfree Women

"It's the most important thing you will ever do with your life." How many times have we heard that in regards to having children? I find it sad and disheartening that throughout history and even today, a woman's worth has been based on her reproductive ability and whether or not she has used it. While having children may be important to the people who have them and may very well be the most important thing that some women have done with their lives, it shouldn't be the only thing to strive for or define them. Women are more than walking wombs and have the ability to contribute to the world in ways that some people couldn't even imagine. My goal with this group of pages is to show just that-- the spectacular things that women have accomplished throughout time.

I titled the page with the word "childfree." I realize this implies the conscious decision to not have children and this list is going to contain women who may have been "childless," defined as wishing they did have children but either physically couldn't or didn't have them due to circumstance. Unfortunately when it comes to history, unless I can find written material that explicitly states they made the decision, the only thing I will know for certain is that they died without having any. That being said, I am still highlighting them here because the fact remains they accomplished remarkable feats beyond motherhood.

Grace Abbott

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