World Vasectomy Day

World Vasectomy Day 2015
World Vasectomy Day 2015

Several Facebook groups got together this year and decided to support a charity that had to do with our community. While our groups vary on purpose we all agree on one common theme and that is being childfree. The reasoning behind why we all support this may be different but we share the same goals ultimately. This year, World Vasectomy Day was chosen and an Indiegogo campaign was created to help raise funds for it. World Vasectomy Day is celebrated on November 13. This fundraiser has 3 days left and I’m reaching out to you to get this funded. We aren’t even close to reaching the original goal of $5,000 but we are hoping to break $1,000 before the final fundraising day. Even if everyone could donate just a dollar, we would be that much closer. So please donate if you can and at the very least, share the heck out of this fundraiser!

Thank you to all who have helped either monetarily or by spreading the word!


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